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I had a chance to meet Sue Greenwood from Staffordshire, UK. She told me about her startup project I’ve promised to write her story as the first startup story on StartupBooster Blog.

The public beta launch was January 5, 2007. Although she has not completed the site, it is starting to already look good. According to Sue, the site will be fully deployed within the next few months.

“We haven’t started monitoring traffic yet – other than straight counts on stories – we haven’t been going long enough. My guess is it’s pretty slow at this stage”, says Sue.

When asked about the vision for the site, Sue says, “For the vision, you should read the Statement on the website, but the message is ‘Your news, not theirs’ and the site is about getting people to share the news and stories they tell each other but they wouldn’t see in a newspaper or on the TV.  Anything at all – from what their boss is up to, to why their grandmother is too scared to leave her house, to the problems they’re having getting special tutoring for their child. But the site will also be much more than news – there’ll be videos, music uploads, free classified ads and the ability to share profiles and send messages to members.”

At this time Sweeble does not have any direct competitors. They plan to take this to the full length and market the site over the next couple of weeks.

I personally like the idea. I believe in this open world, this sort of tool will be the form of news in the future. People will be sharing bits and pieces through social medium like Sweeble.

Great idea! go for it!

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