Blipp’d has the Patent for YouTube’s Revenue Share model

As per my previous post on Ty Graham’s claim about having the patent to where YouTube is headed. I’ve contacted Ty and here is what he has to say about all of this:

Hi Guna,

Thanks for getting in touch with me. Let me introduce myself. My name is Ty Graham. I recently saw the press release today at / regarding Youtube’s direction in the advertising space. I have watched the market grow and mature since 2005 and have a patent-pending advertising model which directly involves Youtube’s move into sharing revenue with users within their social network. I am confident that the patent-pending advertising model I have developed in 2005 is of benefit to Youtube. The patent explains in great detail how a social network can share revenue with it’s users with regards to user generated content.

I have been sitting on this for a while waiting for the market and investors to mature. Waiting for the right moment that the idea can be easily understood by the general public because of the importance of the direction in video on the Internet. While I will not say exactly how the model works (without NDA), however, the general concept is to fuel advertising by means of the social network. If initiated, sites like Revver & Adbrite InVideo would not even be relevant any longer. Semi-competing networks like TheEggNetwork and  Plymedia will loose market share because of the sheer size of Gootube + origin of the idea. I was fortunate enough to envision and write the full concept in 2005 with regards to patenting the idea to monetize social networks like Myspace and Youtube. Furthermore, I include several forward-thinking models that can greatly enhance Youtube’s existing income and place a direct blow to the TV networks trying to compete. It’s stunning how no one has thought of this yet.

I am in the process of launching a beta web site to monetize the idea so I was initially seeking investors. However, because of the nature of this press release it seems like perhaps it would be easier if Youtube integrated the idea since my goal is to get bought by Google and there is no way I am able to support the surge in traffic from the idea. Let me be clear, the idea does not compete with Youtube as it is today, yet extends the brand in a way that has not yet been done before that benefits both youtube and it’s users. If Youtube were to have this idea, they would no doubt put the nail in the coffin in everyone’s video advertising plans. Seriously. For the sake of all video producers great and small, and I have heard many interesting uses for this idea of mine as told to me by close friends, I hope it can be a reality one day so everyone can benefit. Simply duplicating Revver is NOT enough. Funny thing is, as a side-effect, it also hurts Paypal too in a big way, if Google checkout was used with my idea. Currently, there is no other model like this made known since 2005 nor has there been after, yet I still hold on to the concept which will lead one day to someone’s videos getting “Blipp’d”. (I coined that phrase for the idea.)

The patent goes into great detail on using a network such as Youtube with regards to sharing revenue with the members of the social network. I am interested in being put in contact with the right people at youtube to start a discussion on on obtaining the rights to the patent and to protect them from their competitors who may license the model from me in the near future. I like Youtube and want to see them do more great things for it’s members. I hold the ultimate key for more tremendous Youtube success.

Contact me at (000) 000-0000 to discuss further and to set up a meeting.

I have said some clues as to the idea but I’m sure you can understand I cannot go into more detail than this without an NDA and a clear path to Youtube. I see that you have my post up on your blog. If things work out favorably, I’m sure I can show my gratitude in some way.


Ty Graham

I’ve took out his phone number but the rest is in the above quote. He has provided me with the permission to post this on the blog as a follow up. Well I will leave it to you to contact Ty and find out what he has and what YouTube needs to make the most profit from video sharing social network.

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