Los Angeles Man claims to have YouTube’s Revenue Share Model Patented

Interestingly, I received a comment on my previous blog on YouTube RevenueSharing concept. In that comment Ty Graham claims that he has the patent for the direction that YouTube is thinking about going. I am not sure of the reliability of this comment but as a blogger I feel that I should share this with you. Here is what he has to say:

I live in Los Angeles. Anyone from youtube looking at this should contact me. I have a patent on this that pre-dates the direction you’re going in. I’m thinking it would be better to sell it to you and integrate the “big picture” into youtube instead of coming out with a separate service. My patent puts the nail in the coffin of any competitor of youtube. Seriously. I can be reached at gigaboy20 at yahoo.com”.

I’ve mailed Ty to get some details on the patent he was talking about but if it is true that he has a patent to pre-roll ads before a video, then what does that mean to YouTube? Will this patent makes it difficult for YouTube to move in the direction they want to go? Well I don’t want to draw any conclusions before I hear from Ty to see if this is really true.

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