Digg Shouldn’t Remove Top Users – Big Mistake Mr. Rose

In a recent blog post, Kevin Rose spelled out how he will fight spam onDigg.com. After going back and forth about recent spam history at Digg, Kevin concludes that Digg will no longer have the “Top Users” section. He believes that Digg’s top users are being blamed for gaming the system. Are you kidding me? Well I am going to try not to be sarcastic about this but there have been many articles that said the same: top diggers controls more than 80% of the front page story. Either they mean to do it or not but that’s the way it happens to be.

Having said that, Kevin’s approach to remove the “Top Diggers” section is not the best approach.

Some of our top users – the people that have spent hundreds if not thousands of hours finding and digging the best stuff – are being blamed by some outlets as leading efforts to manipulate Digg.”, said Kevin Rose, Founder of Digg.com.

Well so yes they do spend thousands of hours to be the top diggers and to be onthat top diggers page. That was the only incentive Digg provided to those people that spent numerous hours on Digg. Now if this is gone, what is the real incentive for the top diggers that spend thousands of hours on Digg? This move is not going to eliminate the perception of “Top Diggers controls the stories on the front page”. This is rather going to hide the problem so that the public won’t know how top diggers are manipulating the system. This isn’t the real way to solve the problem Mr. Rose. Other Digg alternatives like Netscape and TechTagg offers revenue sharing incentives. Some users who likes the fame will move on to other sites and this will only hurt Digg on the long run.

Kevin should rather improve their internal tools to avoid this sort of gaming but you and I know this gaming will never stop. Simply because this is a social media, the bigger your friend’s network is, the better the chance for you to manipulate any social media. Digg should remove the friends tool. There shouldn’t be any friends or group within a social media. Digg is not a social networking site. It is a social media site. Everyone should be on the same grid. Make it harder for people to identify who is digging what. This should definitely reduce the number of spam that reaches the front page of Digg.

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