Boosting Airfind a Social Search Engine

Sergio Sola, a 20 year old Computer Science student from Vilanova i la Geltru, Spain is currently running a closed alpha test on a new social search engine called AirFind. I’ve had a quick peek into the closed section of the site and was impressed by the amount of work that Sergio has put into this site.

Air FindSeeing the success with Digg and other user driven sites, Sergio began exploring new ways to rank search results. Sergio was just not ready to believe that everything should stop when you reach Google.

AirFind is a new metasearch that allow giving votes to all sites, we are passionate to offer a new way to find the best results, we believe in the social power. Nowadays is very important to provide the correct power to users, we are trying to merge the perfect combination of algorithms and “social power”. At the moment is a very difficult goal to obtain the best results only working with algorithms, is necessary the human presence to correct the algorithms errors”, said Sergio when asked about his vision for the site.

Yes people can certainly tell the difference between a spam and a valuable search result very quickly. AirFind allows the user to then rank the result basedon their experience with that link. In his closed testing environment, the site seems pulls results from another search engine but it allows you to vote it up or down for any search result.

AirFind also allows you to add your own site to be added to their search engine. Their spider will query your site and add relevant information to their database.

It is an interesting concept which is similar to which has been around for more than a year now. However at AirFind, it seems like you can personalize each of the search results sets.

AirFind reminds me of the Google interface. I hope Sergio can receive a lot of feedback from his alpha testers and get this off the ground. Certainly seems like an idea to explore.

Be the first one to get an account by visiting the following this link (AirFind Invitations).

If anything, I would recommend Sergio to wrap up the testing and move this to a new domain name that will be attractive to the new crowd, the Web 2.0 crowd, before the final launch. The reason that I am suggesting him to move away from is that someone else owns and .net is not that attractive if it isn’t a single word domain name. Just my two sense for him to make this a successful venture.

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