Boosting YouBackItUp – Drag and Drop File Storage

YouBackItUp, a file hosting service recently launched by Magnus Kåre Skjeggedal Andersen from Oslo, Norway. YouBackItUp is a temporary storage service for all kind of file types that is smaller than 200 MB. You can upload and hold your file for as long as you want. If your file is inactive for more than 20 days then your file will be removed from the server.

I am sure at some point we all had trouble sending or receiving large files over emails. Such service will be handy for anyone who is constantly sending and receiving large files. YouBackItUp is very easy to use as long as your browser supports the latest Java Runtime Environment. You can drag and drop your files and the site will provide you with a unique link to download those files from anywhere.

There are number of other sites that provide similar file hosting services;YouSendIt and Senduit are very similar to YouBackItUp. This is a free service where you don’t even need to register to use it. So just drag and drop the files and take it from there!

Here is what Magnus has to say when I asked about the future of this site:

The vision is to provide a file sharing service that is easier than our competitors. We try to provide something easier than the Browse button in the browsers which really sucks. With our solution, you can upload thousands of files with just one drag and drop.

Magnus was also the founder of another site that started two years ago,; a file storage provider for companies in Norway. According to Magnus, that site has been successful so far so he is giving it a try with YouBackItUp.

One would generally be concerned to upload files to a site that is new. So I would recommend Marcus to get some key sites or people to support his site. Once that is in place, YouBackItUp will be able to earn even more trust from many others. Good luck.

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