Digg fights back Spam

Over the past few months Digg has made some changes that allows them to monitor group activities that illegally promote a story to the front page.

“Our systems can tell when it’s happening. Stories reach the home page only when enough legitimate users have put them there. Even if someone were paid to submit or digg a story that reached the home page, what many don’t realize is the combination of factors that ultimately led to that story getting there.”, said Kevin Rose on his February 1st, 2007 blog post.

It is clear that Digg has been updating their tools instead of banning sites that bring real content to the site. Today Neil Patel reports that Digg is letting back sites that have been banned in the past. This is good news for the Digg community and also to those banned sites. Removing Top Diggers list was one of the move that Digg put in place to fight spam. It seems that Digg is confident that they can fight spammers better than just banning sites.

In my opinion, banning sites did nothing to reduce spam on Digg. People can create as many domains as they want and they can create many mirror pages to redirect traffic back to their original content. So I applaud Digg for moving away from banning sites and spending their resources on creating tools that will help identify illegal digging.

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