Boosting Bravisa – Sell Products without Owning

I recently came across Bravisa (Santa Clara, CA), an interesting ecommerce tool that allows anyone the opportunity to become a retailer without having to deal with the hassle of buying, stocking, shipping or servicing the products they are selling. Here, they go straight to the good part. As a registered seller, you would receive your own bStore where you can pick products to sell or design from the 250 currently available Bravisa products. Bravisa has negotiated wholesale prices with various manufacturers that you can markup to sell at a profit. Bravisa takes a 10% commission on products that are sold. For example, if you markup a product at $5.00 U.S., Bravisa takes a commission of $0.50 while you profit with $4.50 in your pocket.

Balaji of Bravisa had this to say when asked about how Bravisa differs from other popular ecommerce sites like EBay:

“Seller = Retailers (as apposed to an Affiliate). This means that with Bravisa you can make profits similar to companies like (not like their affiliate programs) without the retailer hassles. Like Cafepress or Zazzle, Bravisa offers a variety of products that you can personalize by adding you own images or text to create unique products. When your customer clicks on products in your blog, they go directly to your store and can’t access other competing stores, which increases your revenue potential. Bravisa can add products from new and competing manufacturers very quickly. If you aren’t excited about the current selection and can suggest other products, Bravisa will do its best to add those products.”

Quickly going over the site; I found it quite straightforward and pleasant to the eye. Personally, I liked their initiatives like their current plan to keep the bStore active if you haven’t sold anything. Another one is that there is currently no limiton the number of products you can have in your store. Also, they are planning to host forums where users can exchange ideas on related topics, but currently offer a blog which is another great tool to built relations. In terms of payment options, Bravisa is looking at paypal in the future, but currently offer cheque mail outs for earnings. Overall, I think these guys are doing their part to be open with sellers by offering a wide range of versatility and that goes a long way in creating that special rapport with users. Hope to see these guys take off with more quality products to sell.

Click here to visit Bravisa.

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