Boosting iMiners – Categorized Info on Publicly Traded Companies

iMiners (CA, USA) is a noteworthy free website for investors, public relations personnel and the general public interested in learning about the specifics of all publicly traded companies. The specifics of publicly traded companies are laid out in an organized manner by category, date, eChart and eSearch. Their mission is to organize all corporate information so that it is accessible and profitable for global investors. They currently have 208,848 indexed releases available on their site since April 1st, 2006.  In addition, the experts at iMiners’s Global Distribution Data Analysis Centers continue to index every press release issued daily by about 7,000+ US public companies trading on NASDAQ, NYSE, and AMEX.  The press releases are then filtered into 12 categories and further into 87 subcategories and stored into their database for quick retrieval.

I recently talked to Jnyaneshwar Prabhu, President and CEO of iMiners Inc. and this is what he had to say about his tool:

What motivated you to create iMiners and what do you wish to achieve with this site?

“Information is Power, yet a lot of time is spent searching and analyzing the price movements on a stock chart rather than profiting from it! Our vision is to help eliminate information overload and turn the most relevant, meaningful, and contextual information into useful knowledge and wisdom. Our mission is to deliver Simple, Intuitive, and Visual investor tools that will enable informed decisions quickly!”

What is your business model?

Our business model is to provide “customized Pressrooms” productized as “PR Interactive” to be placed in Investor Relations websites of public companies, on a subscription basis. We launched “PR Interactive” in December 2006 and have two customers: Sigma Designs, Inc. and Nvidia Corporation. We are in active discussions with many companies and hope to go live on their sites soon.

What other initiatives have you been working on since you have launched?

We are currently working on a proprietary algorithm to determine the actual “Market Adjusted Impact” of each event on its stock price. In the future, we plan to deliver tools to our users that will help them correlate and predict effect of events on stock price! We also provide a host of Admin and Analytics tools namely PR Comps and PR Analytics that help the Investment Relations teams measure their effectiveness.

IMiners definitely has a lot to offer in the realm of relative content on publicly traded companies.  The way that they have organized this information is well thought out. I really liked their eChart, a graph illustrating the stock prices in U.S. dollars over a time period. Also, the category feature is quite useful with a wide array of categories: awards and recognition, conference calls & meetings, corporate, customer and partnerships, products and services, SEC filing, management changes, legal, financial and industry events, analyst action and M&A. I would like to see iMiners expand their tools to include more functionality for investment conscious users to make informed investment decisions. Overall, this site has a lot of potential in terms of revolutionizing how we research and obtain company information online for a variety of purposes such as investment or company knowledge.

You can visit and enter any stock symbol.

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