Boosting AuctionCapture – Analytical Tools for Auction Bidders

AuctionCapture is a trendsetting site for bidders who need analytical tools to successfully place a realistic bid on a particular product and win. AuctionCapture is a completely free site that provides one platform for users to search for items listed on eBay, Yahoo, Amazon and many other sites.  The site is another welcome addition from the person who launched, a successful autograph collecting site.

I recently talked to Jay Grossman of AuctionCapture about his analytical website tool for bidders and this is what he had to say:

What motivated you to create AuctionCapture?

“AuctionCapture was a concept I came up with in 2002. I was frustrated that I did not know the price points for bidding on auction items and I wanted a better idea of values of items. Two years later (2004), I created a desktop application and database that allowed me to track values of closing auctions for items that interested me. I found I could better predict outcomes and I would get better deals. In the early fall of 2006, I decided that it would be cool to offer this kind of information to more folks. I figured the more people who regularly use it, the better information I would have to analyze and understand trends. AuctionCapture was live and ready for shoppers to use by November 2006.”

What do people stand to benefit in using this site?

“People can determine the market value of any search item. When you search, the site will display the market value for the combination of the supplied keywords and excluded words. People can save their detailed searches all in one place. For those of us who tend to search for the same kinds of items repeatedly, it is such a time saver. We analyze what you like – the items you view, bid on, watch, and win. Then we take that information make personalized suggestions. That alone would be great (since no one does it well), but we also look at other members with similar interests and show you items they were also interested in. Also, you can access powerful RSS feeds of any EBay search.”

What are your next steps?

“We plan to continue growing the community and add more features that members would find useful. We are always looking for suggestions you’d like to see to make the auction shopping and selling experience faster, easier and more enjoyable.”

Overall, I found the site to be quite user friendly and many of the features that they offer are very useful such as the refining search feature where one can set the minimum and maximum price for search items. The watchlist feature is also very good for those who want to keep an eye on items as well as their closing bids to make more wise decisions. The people at AuctionCapture will definitely go places with their focus on user satisfaction. The satisfaction of the user is always paramount in expanding a site to offer greater features, more versatility and relevance.

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