Boosting MyMindshare – Market Platform for Advertisers and Consumers without Third Party Media is a platform where consumers possessing mindshare and acting as buyers; interact with advertisers as sellers to reach their respective goals in the advertising market.  Advertisers go through so much hassle trying to gain the attention of consumers and they try even harder to get consumers to click on their advertisements in the hope that it will lead to a sale or conversion. Consumers, on the other hand are very much interested in brand awareness or learning about products and services available to them that is specific to their needs. MyMindshare is such a place that offers a platform for them to interact without third party mediators such as television, internet advertisements, newspapers and billboards. We have all experienced intrusive, inappropriate and irrelevant advertisements and can definitely welcome the need for MyMindshare to act as an alternative to the traditional forms of advertising. This site is different in that consumers who do not stand to gain in the advertisement market in terms of receiving monetary value for their services can take advantage of MyMindshare. A buyer can directly interact with advertisers who cater to their specific needs which is a more direct and relevant approach.

I had a chance to talk to Jim Bursch about his innovative concept and this is what he had to say:

What is MyMindshare and why should people use it?

“MyMindshare is a place where people go to buy, sell and trade mindshare. It is a unique blend of Digg, Adwords and Craigslist with a dash of eBay. Anyone who has a web site they would like to expose to other people can use MyMindshare, and anyone who values their own mindshare would like to use MyMindshare. To put it crassly, at MyMindshare you will receive payment to look at a web site.”

How did you come up with the concept of MyMindshare?

“Back in December 2004, I posted on my personal blog that I was fed up with the intrusiveness and waste of advertising and I decided to do something about it. MyMindshare has been evolving ever since then.”

What is your future plan with MyMindshare?

“My dream is to grow MyMindshare as organically as possible, the way Craigslist grew. It’s hard to say right now how that will happen.”

The site is quite easy to navigate through and the blog that accompanies the site is quite precise in illustrating the many ideas of mindshare. The homepage has a list of advertisers with the amount that they are willing to bid on consumers for spending 20 seconds of their time. Once you click on a link, you will go to a page where you can rate the page and accept payment for your services. I agree with Jim that consumers should receive payment for their mindshare as apposed to the advertisers who interrupt popular media to gain a few seconds of our attention. Mindshare in essence, is the time spent thinking about something and that is definitely something that all consumers possess. It is truly remarkable how we do not realize how much control we have in the advertising market. I look forward to seeing the people at MyMindshare gather more advertisers and consumers in a bid to revolutionize the advertising industry.

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