Boosting coveman (New Delhi, India) is an amiable new site from a college student that serves multiple avenues as a personal organizer for users to create their resume, business cards, diaries, blogs, address books, reminders, schedules and so on. It’s a one stop platform that does justice to the needs of users requiring organizational tools on the net.

At first glance, the site is quite simplistic and straight forward which has a certain appeal to those who don’t want to deal with overly fussy websites. The tools available are well thought out like templates for resumes, business cards with options to upload your own template. Also, there is a tool that allows users to email one another by clicking on their id and receiving a message right in their message box which is a great tool to build a network online.

I had a chance to catch up with Manish Hada, creator of this great organizational tool, and this is what he had to say:

Why is your site different than your competitors?

We are different as we offer our users the facility of creating, storing and managing as in sending and receiving important documents along with the facility of networking.

What is your business plan?

The plan is to let the site evolve as I am going to Oxford to study for the next nine months. After completion of my course, I shall take a decision. I am extremely keen on starting up and thought that this idea may have potential. Even though I knew I may not have enough time before college starts, my anxiety compelled me.

Overall, the site has a good platform to build tools that have potential to really get people organized within a community of like minded users. For one, the templates created on site can be emailed to your personal email accounts and the reminder tool offered in categories is quite handy. I would take that a step further by emailing reminders directly to individual email accounts like yahoo as well as permit users to add more categories to the reminder feature. Integrating various mediums like this is what the internet is all about. Of course, versatility can always be addressed once public interest has been achieved. Personally, I would talk to people in forums and blogs to see what they think. The users ultimately should be able to give the best feedback as they stand to benefit the most. As a new user and outsider; I believe there is great potential for success and with the right marketing strategy this site will definitely be able to do its share online. I look forward to seeing the site evolve into a versatile organizational tool that implements various streams of collaborative measures bringing together users and the technologies that matter.

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