Boosting Webappsale (Los Angeles, CA) is an innovative online marketplace for buying and selling web applications, websites, widgets, and domains. The listings placed in the marketplace are accessible via the board in which the user created the listing; as well as in the larger edgeio network where users may find the listings for free. Webappsale allows each listing a limit of eight images with a maximum size of 400kb each and for a duration not exceeding thirty days. The listing may have a marginal fee to post depending on the board in which the listing was created; with options for either credit card or paypal payment. However, unlike e-bay the fee is not applied universally as a percentage of each sale in the marketplace.

I recently talked to Theo Tonca, the founder of and this is what he had to say:

What is your business model?

Our revenue model is sale and advertising based. We will earn revenue by charging a small monthly or weekly fee to post your application for sale on the website and by placing relevant advertising on the site.

Why did you start the website?

To offer a low cost web application marketplace.

Why is it different from your competitors? is for both individuals and businesses and we only charge a fee to post an application for sale with no commission on the final sale price.

As a self-funded venture, webappsale has a lot to offer users searching or uploading a listing. Some of the key features include keywords, tags, categories and descriptions, which make the listings far more relevant and accessible to users interested in buying or selling. Notably, the unanimous feature is quite innovative, which allows users to receive emails from interested buyers without having to disclose their personal email address. On a larger scale, the site has definite user-friendly attributes that are relevant and are there not just to add glamour to the site. It serves a real purpose and is definitely easy to use and understand. For the most part, the online marketplace looks like its on the right track and I am sure that surfers would take notice to the site’s ease of use and purposeful function.

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