– User Generated Content (Karnataka, India) is a user-generated information portal that permits access to user generated data through a simple and easy to use search tool. The search tool allows users to choose relevant content according to a specific country, city and category including movies, outings, restaurant, sports, colleges, schools, tourism and so on. However, unlike traditional search engines, users can add information to the search results, alter existing information on display as well as review existing content. The content created on site is specifically from users as apposed to the staff at This definitely adds a certain relevancy to the content provided on site. Ultimately, if users play an active role in the information generation process, the site will definitely drive traffic as content becomes more relevant.

I had a chance to interview Subodh Vinchurkar, founder of and this is what he had to say:

How does your site differ from your competitors?

Every one has an admin authority at and any one can add, edit, comment or write a review on any item that is out there. Content creation and updates are as easy as clicking a button and hitting save. One does not even need an account to contribute to content at

What is your business plan or model?

Presently, paid advertising at various places on the website supports the site. The primary focus is on creating a useful place on the Internet where everyone can contribute to help others and take advantage of contributions by others to make everyday decisions. We strongly believe that if we are able to create a very useful place on the Internet, monetization is not an issue.

Why did you start this website?

Even though there is a lot of content available on the Internet. There are specific gaps in content structure and availability that prevents it from being useful to people especially is countries such as India.

How are you planning to market it?

Predominantly via word of mouth. We request that you to help us pass the product information to interested audience.

For a site that was released just a month ago, it appears to be moving quite well. The user-generated platform has great potential to create relevant content within a social collaboration medium. Personally, I found the site to be quite easy to navigate through. Frankly, I am quite confident that founder Subodh, with experience of eleven years in business and technology, will surely be capable of enhancing the site into a great platform that evolves over time along with its users. The most important point of advice is to listen to the users that ultimately dictate the relevancy of the content generated.

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