Google confronts Microsoft in Desktop Domain

We all know that Microsoft is quite proficient in its domain of desktop services with Microsoft Office and its ever so popular Outlook. However, Google’s latest addition is all set to confront Microsoft in its own domain.

According to a popular source, Hindustani Times, Gmail is planning on releasing a so called offline desktop version of outlook for its popular Gmail. Previously, Google Docs, an online documents processing platform had tremendous impact on Microsoft’s own office software. The company is said to have provided Microsoft Office to U.S. students at a huge 91% discount.

Fears are reasonable as Google could possibly launch offline versions of Google Docs along with offline gmail. The rumoured offline gmail would be a direct replicate of gmail online, but with the twist of offering its services offline. Just when people thought that Google with its trademark online presence is set to revolutionize the internet industry; Google surprises us with an offline product. On the other end, we have powerhouse Microsoft moving towards the competing online market.

We will just have to wait and see how this reversal of roles will prove to benefit the companies and ultimately the users.

Click here for the article on Hindustani Times

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