– User Driven Bookmarks and Favorites Website (Carson City, Nevada, USA) is an interactive website portal for people to search, store, and share and compare much loved websites on the internet. The site permits users to add existing bookmarks or favorite sites to their own homepage without the hassle of installing software or upgrades. On top of that, the site offers an extensive and valuable set of features that further demonstrate a willingness to explore the realm of social networking.

I had a chance to conduct a comprehensive interview with David Mercer, founder of, and this is what he had to say:

Why is your site different than your competitors?

I think that we can be differentiated from other so-called bookmaking sites, in that our fundamental goal is first and foremost to be a homepage. We don’t particularly want people to tag 40 000 links and add it to their account – although we place no restriction on what can be tagged (provided it is not illegal etc). We want them to tag and organize their “most useful” sites because these are sites that are likely to be useful to other members. The reason we are differentiated here is because we have our own AJAX browsers that allow these links to be viewed in draggable browsers from “within the main account page” so people never even have to leave their homepage to use any site on the web. We also provide recommendations for similarly tagged links within these browsers so people can use these browsers as a form of discovery tool.

The site also caters for webmasters and bloggers in that it has this social networking element that means that sites that are stored on one member’s homepage are available to other members via a number of features (clouds, feeds, lists, recommendations, note sharing and so on). For bloggers, simply adding their own sites to their linkdoozer homepage provides a persistent but non-intrusive form of promotion and increases their sites footprint for little to no work.

We also encourage people to rate and review their links to further help the community at large make choices about what they want their internet to look like. We have a number of features that you would expect, such as one click bookmaking, RSS feeds for reviews, drag and drop features for organizing links, we even utilize third party widgets so that members can access email from multiple accounts, perform AJAX enabled Google searching, import their current bookmarks or favorites at the click of a button and so on.

What is your business plan or model?

We do not advertise at all, and are not involved in cross-marketing or emailing or anything like that. We do have plans to monetize the site in a completely passive and un-noticeable way, and one which our members will be completely unaware of, but the implementation of that is some time off. For now and at least for the foreseeable future we are effectively non-commercial. Think of it as a commercial-free project (in every sense)…

Why did you start this website?

The site was initially begun as a “better” method of exploring the Web. So much emphasis is placed on SEO that companies that can afford to employ experts to increase their sites visibility can overshadow sites that might be better by climbing up search rankings. This is obviously a step away from a perfectly democratic way of doing things and in the long run is not healthy. With LinkDoozer, only those sites that people consider to be part of their favorites are more prominent. In other words, SEO plays no part in deciding how popular a site is – only the community itself, by their natural use of the Internet decides passively which sites are good and which are not.

How are you planning to market it?

We really want to build a community of people as opposed to having customers. We think the best way to find community members is by going through blogs (who themselves should become members in order to promote their sites) and getting on forums etc. We have and will continue to send out the odd press release whenever something new comes along…

Suprisingly, LinkDoozer, launched this August in Beta mode, seems to have exceeded expectations with a genuine attempt to create a site that is purposeful. As apposed to  just jumping on the bandwagon to create something for the sole purpose of earning an online income. In that respect, I applaud David for his efforts. In fact, I found the site reflecting a simplicity in appearance, but yet user friendly features and content do not distract from the main theme of the site. Hopefully, this sets a standard for others to follow suit in putting forth as much effort in their reputation and purpose as they do in monetizing for the purpose of maximizing revenue.

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