– Social-Bookmarking on Category Specific Content (Australia, Queensland, Brisbane) is essentially a social-bookmarking website, but with a unique vision in mind. The concept here is to bring content together that is relevant through a collaborative tool much like Wikipedia, where content is created with a specific sense of purpose that rings true to detail and relevancy. The site also utilizes a unique “add content” feature that permits users to add the tool to their browser so that they can add relevant content with ease. The link is then transmitted directly to the CrowdFound site. However, CrowdFound is quite particular about content being appropriate and relevant, which is indeed admirable. Often sites concentrate on attracting users to add something to their site as apposed to focusing enough on the actual content that are driven through social collaboration. In fact, we must weigh and balance both the quality content as well as traffic focus to achieve a winning duo.

I had a chance to interview the founders (Joe Olejnik, Gareth Saunders, and Steve Olejnik) of and this is what they all had to say:

Why is your site different from your competitors?

We are essentially a social bookmarking website. However, our vision is to build category pages that represent the best content (videos, pictures, pages, news items, blog articles, how-to guides) on the web for a very diverse range of topics (such a Electronic Music). This is in contrast to other social bookmarking sites that tend to have more of a focus on ultra-current, ‘hyped-up’ content.

What is your business plan or model?

Although we have many ideas for how we can monetize the site, our primary revenue stream will be advertising. As a result of the ultra-focused nature of the categories that will develop on CrowdFound, there will be a significant opportunity for advertisers to target-market to very specific types of people, resulting in higher click-through rates and as a result higher CPM rates.

Why did you start this website?

We started CrowdFound because we got sick of having to trawl through page after page of results on most of the popular search engines to find content that was highly relevant to what we were seeking. We found the search engines to be great for presenting (on the first page of results) a small amount of content that represented the most popular for that particular topic. However, to really find a significant quantity of in-depth content on any particular topic required going through page after page of results, only finding relevant content every so often.

How are you planning to market it?

Our initial marketing involves becoming active in online communities focused on many of the topics we cover on CrowdFound. We will be adding significant social networking functionality as well, and this will promote users to get their network of contacts involved in CrowdFound.

Launched on August 24, 2007, CrowdFound has a site that displays a very polished appearance with a well though out focus on quality content. As time passes, I am sure that people will follow through with the quality content trend that the founders have revealed on their site. The important aspect of social bookmarking sites is the content and driving people to participate respecting the theme of the content. Personally, navigating through the various categories, found the site to reflect quality content that was specific. As apposed to creating content that is a direct lift from content available on the web, the founders of CrowdFound have made an innovative approach to differ with specific quality content.

Click here to visit CrowdFound

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