Yahoo Photos Official Shut Down

Yahoo Photos, the popular free photo-sharing website has finally shut down as of Thursday September 20, 2007. Users have already received notice well in advance to switch gears to other services such as Flickr, Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, Snapfish, and Photobucket. Unfortunately, those who have waited too long to switch platforms or at the least, download their photos from the site, will lose all their photos as yahoo will have them deleted by that time.

To recap what happened, on March 2005, yahoo had purchased Flickr(Vancouver, British Columbia), the award-winning photo-sharing site that time magazine had called “completely addictive”. Flickr, launched in February of 2004 by Caterina Fake and Stewart Butterfield, lets users upload digital photos from computers and camera phones, put together photo albums, and post photos to blogs, among other things. Yahoo had decided to ditch its service in favor of Flickr, which exceeds yahoo photos in traffic according to comscore and at a faster pace.

Yahoo deserves credit for recognizing the potential in technology and talent when they seized flickr with a million dollar purchase. However, from a business point of view, it is surprising that they actually give users a choice to export photos to competing sites. I am puzzled as to why they do not simply transfer the photos to flickr. Another issue is that yahoo photos offered unlimited photo capacity as a purely photo sharing site. Flickr on the other hand offers, through its free account, a capacity to upload up to 100 MB per month with a viewing limitation of 200 of its most recent photos. However, with a Flickr pro account the photos will always be available for viewing. Nevertheless, we must be willing and able to adapt, as users of new and established platforms, when sites evolve to compete globally.

Click here for Flickr

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