Google’s Rolling in Mobile Technology Space – Acquired

People definitely feel the “Google Everything” presence with the new mobile and VoIP deals on the go. Many can’t help but wonder whether the next new innovative website will be acquired by Google. Google’s most recent acquisition of Jaiku (Finland, Helsinki), a popular mobile social networking service providing group creation, RSS import and threaded conversation amongst other features is a testament to that. Well, at this point we do not have much detail other than the fact that Jaiku is officially on the Google list.

The popular site was acquired instead of Twitter due to its advanced features. Jaiku,  founded in February of 2006 by Jyri Engeström and Petteri Koponen and launched on the Web in July of 2006, has already made its mark under the wings of Google. However, there are many questions that come to mind by the recent acquisition that are yet to be answered.

1) Will this new software be built into the rumoured GPhone?
2) Gmail ads are less intrusive, but what about Google ads for Jaiku?
3) Will this turn out to be another “Dodgeball”, a previous acquisition that did not yield benefits?
4) Will this add greater functionality to the planned release of the new Google mobile Operating System (free of charge) to mobile manufacturer’s next year?

Click here for Google’s take on the acquisition and here for Jaiku.

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