MySpace and Every Other Social Network Against Facebook

Silicon Alley Insider just released news that Google is launching open source APIs to outsmart Facebook in the social networking arena. This is the beginning of the next revolution of social networking. Basically, it is Google and every other social network against Facebook. Google has already partnered with many social networks across the web, providing open source APIs or applications.

Google’s APIs differs from Facebook APIs, in that Google’s APIs are adaptable over various web platforms, while Facebook API can only be used with Facebook.

Google’s challenge will be in managing application between various social networks. According to Google’s open source API system, various social networks can now all have the same third-party API. Furthermore, users must be willing to join these social networks along with their friends and it is unlikely that users will join just for the sake of using Google’s universal API.

Similarly, developers might be a bit wary of creating applications for Google over potential income constraints. With Facebook, developers receive a significant portion of the revenue generated from the APIs. Google, on the other hand, may be willing to share its profits just to take some limelight away from Facebook. However, Google partners and every other social network out there may not be so keen on sharing their profits with developers. That is, unless Facebook joins Google’s open source system, which would be in light years.

Myspace is also said to have partnered with Google’s open source. This new union will definitely bring in a new force to Google’s open source API. Recently, Microsoft bought out exclusive ad rights over Facebook while Google stood still. Judging by the recent API launch, Google seems to have had its own agenda on handling the social networking momentum. Nevertheless, we will just have to wait and see if Facebook can withstand the stiff competition coming their way.

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