– First MovieFinder & Ticket Purchase Service for India (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) is the latest innovation from family that strives to fill the gap in user generated services that are not available in countries such as India. Ghoomo, fills that void quite well as an excellent movie finder source that covers 25 Indian cities and over 500 movie screens. The site provides show times of movies with the additional luxury of paying for the movies in advance by credit card.

I had a chance to interview Subodh Vinchurkar, founder of and, and previous manager at Following is an excerpt from the interview.

How is different from other players?

What makes unique is the breadth and depth of movie finder services available to consumers in India. At present, Ghoomo covers 25 Indian cities and over 500 movie screens. By the end of this quarter Ghoomo plans to make movie finder services available to 50 cities & over 1000 movie screens in India.

What is the business plan or model?

At present it is supported by paid advertising at various places on the website.

Why did you start this web site?

Though there is a lot of movie content available on Internet. There are specific gaps in content structure and availability. These gaps prevent available content from being useful to people especially is countries such as India. intends to fill this gap and make movie planning a seamless and integrated experience of Ghoomo visitors.

When was the site launched?

The new alpha site has been open to public since middle of Oct, 2007, the beta site is available starting Nov 2007.

How are You Planning to Market it?

Predominantly via word of mouth. We request you to help us make the product information available to interested audience.

It is remarkable for a country that prides itself in producing the greatest number of movies per year. Yet, India doesn’t have such a service to order movie tickets online. This in itself is assurance of the depth of opportunity available in such countries that are yet to be discovered.

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