Boosting Click2Voice – No-Strings Internet Calling to 29 Countries

Click2Voice (San Diego, California, U.S.) is a simple web-based VOIP service that allows  users to make calls to 29 countries. The absolutely free service requires users to have a regular home phone and an internet connection. Unlike other services, there is no need for a microphone, speaker, software download or even a hardware purchase. In addition, it isn’t necessary that user’s register to use the service. However, registered users will have more advanced features at their disposal.

I had a chance to conduct a comprehensive interview with Damian Cutillo, Click2Voice’s Founder and CTO, who had worked in the computer and voice networking industry for over 8 years. Here is an excerpt from the interview.

Why is your site different than your competitors?

Many of our competitors utilize complicated email and softphone systems, and none of them offer absolutely, no-strings-attached, free calling. With Click2Voice, users can choose to remain anonymous or register with the service. Anonymous users are allotted 10 minutes of call time, whereas registered users are given 15 minutes of talk time and experience enhanced user features such as telephone number auto filling and call logs.  Furthermore, it is simple to use as users just have to use the dialer to enter their phone number, the telephone number they wish to call and Click2Voice to connect to their destination once the call button is clicked.

Click2Voice also has a plug in, known as Project PHURI, that enables one click calling to any telephone number located on a web site, email, or online document.  This userscript plug in finds phone numbers in web pages and hyperlinks them. When you click the link, it uses the Click2Voice web service to call the phone you configured in the plug in and then it will connect that phone with the number in the hyperlink that you clicked on.

What is your business plan or model?

Our business model is advertising based, and we are currently working to create a more diverse stream of revenue using multiple ad streams, and by offering low rates to other international destinations.  The startup to this point has been, and will continue to be, bootstrapped by my partner and myself, and we are looking to do a lot of viral and web-based advertising in unobtrusive audio advertising.  We stay active in relevant forums and groups, and appreciate the assistance of webmasters such as yourself that have an interest in discovering and helping to promote organic startups.

Why did you start this website?

The main objective of Click2Voice is to create a simple, user-friendly application to enable free calling worldwide.  While there are still many features in development for the startup, we really want to start to expose people to the power of VOIP technology, and the ease with which it can be used to keep in touch.  The free calling revolution is upon us and we plan to be at the forefront.

How are you planning to market it?

We plan to utilize blogging, technology/VOIP forums, various SEO techniques, registered user referral rewards, and some paid advertising to get the word out about Click2Voice.

Click2Voice, launched in March of 2007, definitely has a promising future with Damian’s expertise as a consultant for corporations around the world for IP networking and VOIP solutions. In the future, I look forward to Click2Voice expanding to more countries and wish them luck in tackling the more expensive countries as well. The most important thing is to provide service with good voice quality, less static and no holdup.

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