Boosting – Receive Real Responses from your Mobile Phone (San Francisco, CA, USA) – a free mobile social network enabling members of the Mosio network to text message questions from their cell phone, and receive responses from members of their Mosio mobile community. The questions received by the community are posted on the Mosio forum so that members can respond. Apparently, members can receive up to four different responses from other members of the community.

I had a chance to interview Jay Sachdev and Noel Chandler, founders of, and this is what they had to say:

Why is your site different than your competitors?

Mosio is free, caters to the mobile user and has an entertaining human element with a hint of a tongue in cheek vibe about both the questions that come in and the answers that are received. If you ask a serious question, you’ll get a great answer but there might be a little extra funny or amusing comment base on the content of the question. There are other SMS search services, but they specialize in look ups, but with Mosio you can ask “what is the best mexican restaurant in San Francisco, preferrably near 4th and Howard?” and get personal opinions/recommendations from humans, not algroithms.

What is your business plan or model?

Currently, we are ad revenue based, but will be opening up new premium subscription-based features that are ad-free and give users access to more. Mosio is also the perfect platform for premium content delivery and we’re in talks with a few companies about strategic partnerships.

Why did you start this website?

We created Mosio out of the basic need to quickly access any information online through the mobile phone. The phone screen is too small for an “educated guess” in search results and we knew that crowdsourcing and tapping the natural human interest to help each other could be a great way to give people access to the relevant information they need by asking for it. The banter that takes place on the site makes it a lot more fun than 411.

How are you planning to market it?

Right now we’re building some buzz in the blogosphere, have built Apps for Twitter, Facebook, Jott and Yelp, plus being a mobile technology, it’s a natural viral marketing tool. We assume that half of all questions asked are people sitting there with another person, saying “Watch this: ask me any question.” – The novelty is what gets people started on it, then people move to asking regular questions.

The site just launched its Beta mode in August of 2007 and is already creating a wave with new users signing on. And I don’t see why not. Its considerably more convenient to receive short responses from real users as opposed to googling through a mobile screen. Furthermore, the concept has a lot of scope in the blogosphere. People who comment on blogs might find it efficient to receive a direct response on their mobile. Better yet, users can choose to ban the receipt of comments from certain users or accept comments from only certain users or users with a specific rating based on their popularity on the blog.

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