Internet Performance to Decline in 2011

A study conducted by a U.S. firm, Nemertes Research, finds that web users should expect internet performance declines by 2011 as a result of increased demands on bandwidth from the likes of YouTube, music files and VoIP (Voice-over Internet Protocol) services.

Specifically, the issue isn’t about the internet’s own infrastructure, but rather the limitations of those service providers, including telephone and cable operators, that provide the means for which businesses and residences can access the internet. According to the study, telecommunications and cable firms will have to invest an estimated $137 billion (U.S.) globally to retain the current internet service quality. The United States shares an enormous portion of that pie. The United States is required to spend $55 billion in addition to the $72 billion they had already planned to expend on broadband access.

However, there is some assurance to web users that the model used for the study is an “if-then” model that doesn’t claim that performance will decline, without a doubt, by 2011. Rather, the outcome of decline is based on certain assumptions and doesn’t take into consideration the notion of broadband access via wireless. So, there are shortfalls to the study. Regardless, there is sufficient study that indicates major concern in 2011, but from now until 2011 there is a lot of opportunity to fix the infrastructure shortfall.

Click here for the full study and associated FAQ page

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