– Innovative Classified Portal (Mumbai, India) – launched on October of 2007, like the name implies, is an informative base for communities to place and find free advertisements along with other key features. Advertisements can be posted and searched for within a wide range of useful categories, which include Vehicles, Real Estate, Jobs, Resumes, Matrimonial, Community, Items for Sale, Want Ads, Free Stuff & Barter, Coaching Classes, Showbiz, Reviews, Services, Luxury goods, and Events. These categories are further divided into an extensive list of sub-categories, which are also very relevant and to the point. In addition, the site offers individuals and communities the ability to place and search for ads along with video, audio and image components, which definitely sets it apart from the classified lot. In fact, the founder’s mission, is to “enable everyone to find their basic day to day requirements in an efficient and simple manner”.

I had a chance to talk to the creator of this innovative classified portal, Rajiv Unnikrishnan, and this is what he had to say:

Why is your site different than your competitors?

“There are few sites doing free classifieds in India however no one is offering free video classifieds and integration of Google maps for this region.”

What is your business plan or model?

“None yet saw a gap in the market and decided to dive in”

Why did did you start this website?

“To fill a gap in the market and provide a useful service to the community”

How are you planning to market it?

“Initially, mainly the web then go in for press ads Adhysteria”

Adhysteria speaks for itself as an excellent source of relevant information for individuals, hence the modest dialog from the creator. Personally, I found many of the strong points of the site to be simple yet effective. The search engine for classified listings is an excellent idea, which offers two search queries: keyword and location. An improvement to that might be to insert a java script feature that automatically suggests keywords and locations so that individuals are aware of what content is searchable as apposed to guessing. This is a minor concern as the site will definitely evolve to accommodate more classified content. For the most part, the aspect that impressed me the most is the extensive subcategories for advertisements that include carpool, childcare, volunteers, writers, and tutor. These are subcategories that can be expanded over time to meet the demands of users.

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