Listomi – Place to Find and Create Lists (San Diego, LA, United States) – an online list management portal that allows its members to store all kinds of lists according to predefined categories. The lists can be anything that members deem important such as a list of cities within a province or a list of favorite movies. The lists are automatically posted on site once submitted, under the following categories: Animals, Art & Literature, Geography, History, Leisure, Life, Misc, Music, People, Plants, Politics, Religion, Science, Sports, Technology, and Tv & Movies.

I had a chance to interview the creator of Listomi, Travis P. Walter, and this is what he had to say:

Why is your site different than your competitors?

Listomi is the first major online repository for all lists. Because any user can create an unlimited number of lists we will soon be the leading site for anyone wanting information that might be organized into a list form. If you actually think about the number of lists that might be possible you begin to realize that the number is virtually infinite. Listomi aims to be the repository for those lists. Additionally, Listomi organizes the list data in a very easy to use format where any list can be easily copied in a column-like format for use elsewhere.

What is your business plan or model?

As is common in today’s tech startups the business model of Listomi is fairly flexible and will evolve with each piece of valuable user feedback we receive. Because of the amount of traffic potential available due to the extremely wide audience our revenue model will primarily be Advertising and Sponsorship Revenues.

Why did you start this website?

The idea first came to me while I was working on another project where I needed an extensive list of music venues in certain large cities. I soon realized that there was no central place to look for lists of anything. With the amount of scattered information out there on the web it became clear that a service offering a concentration of lists would be extremely useful. Thus the concept for Listomi was born.

How are you planning to market it?

We hope to get a majority of our traffic through organic search engine traffic. Other marketing will be done through various advertising channels and word of mouth.

Any other information that you believe is relevant to your startup?

Listomi has been privately funded so far but may be looking for early stage investors in the near future. The Listomi service is still in a beta release and we are constantly working to improve the service. We have many feature enhancements planned for the site and as always welcome our users valuable feedback and criticisms.

The concept of hosting unlimited lists under categories is quite an interesting idea. The possibilities are endless and users will definitely be creating all sorts of lists. The lists can also be marketed to the social arena via Digg it,, technorati, and stumble this. Listomi, launched in November of 2007, has great potential for growth. Personally, I really liked the fact that the lists display the title as well as the number of hits each list received, including the member who submitted as well as the size of the list. Organization of these lists in a manner in which they are easily accessible to users as well as engaging more participation in creating these lists will be key to the site’s success.

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