Customers First – When Planning for a new Startup

In the mist of planning for a new startup, it is easy to forget the “customer satisfaction” component of the business plan. Securing funding and other ”must do” items will take up most of the time and energy; however, you must keep your “target” – “your customers” – “your visitors” in mind at all times. Don’t follow the startup examples of those who would work so hard to secure funding and then burn through it by spending on advertisements but don’t even think about satisfying their customers to retain them – to make the customers visit the site on their own. In this article I am going to discuss about one thing that you must plan as part of your rollout plan for your new business ventures.

Have you ever shopped at Amazon follows up with their customers through email whenever there is a new book related to their previous purchase. E-mail marketing hasn’t gone anywhere, what has gone is the way someone writes messages to the customers. Too many spam messages with no content. You should have a plan to engage your customers as you grow from day one – appreciate them for joining your venture, thank them when they buy a product or sign up on your site, send them frequent updates about the new things that are happening on your site and definitely ask them for feedback. When you write, make sure to present a “message” in a way that the customer will actually read.

I have made e-mail marketing a key component of my rollout strategy for all of my new ventures. I try to send out a newsletter once every two weeks to my visitors/customers containing recent updates and some freebies to make them appreciate knowing my business. E-Mail marketing, in sort e-marketing is really one of the most effective ways to keep your customers knocking on your door at all times. It has also become cheaper to do e-marketing with all of the competitions out there. The key is to create messages that your customers will actually read. Make your message compelling – short with catchy words. Stick to your core business, don’t try to sell or write about something else, if you do, you’ve just lost your customer. They will feel that they have just signed up for a spam site or business – encourage them, not discourage them.

Basically it should be customers first, then the operations and revenues for any new business. Building customer relationships and loyalty is very important for startup businesses – it will be the glue that will make you grow in no time.

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