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MyStrategicPlan is a web based strategic planning tool that enables users to plan and implement their strategies through a host of features. MyStrategicPlan caters to any business size and does so without isolating itself to large corporations based on their ability to pay. The software tool includes such relevant features as the ability for decision makers and staff to assign and monitor accountability, set measurable targets to assess success, effectively communicate strategy & establishment of consensus, develop a concise and specific method for achieving goals, and provide specific tactical steps for management to undertake. The comprehensive plan can be build in a short amount of time, even days, and the implementation of the plan can be monitored year long.

I had a chance to talk to the creator and VP of Marketing for MyStrategicPlan, Erica Olsen, and this is what she had to say:

Why did you start MyStrategicPlan?

MyStrategicPlan helps everyone run a better business. By the time someone is finished setting up their plan, they’ve learned the equivalent of a mini-MBA. The company started with the idea of giving even small businesses the chance to have a “Virtual VP of Strategy” who keeps things on track. We’re not just running a website, our plan is to start a strategy revolution.

What is MSP’s Business Model?

We use an annual per-user licensing model. Similar to many web applications, we offer a free trial after which billing begins.

How do you differ from your competitors?

Our industry contains either limited desktop strategic planning software that’s little more than an excel spreadsheet, or massive enterprise level strategic planning solutions that are far too expensive for medium or small businesses. We are the only affordable solution, and we provide so much more than just a platform to build a plan. Our software improves each month, and learning resources are added constantly- we do this because we truly want to start that strategy revolution.

Anything else you would like to share about your tool?

Tasks in MyStrategicPlan cascade from wide-reaching organizational objectives down to individual action plans, once the plan is done, MSP acts as a Performance Management System as well. We have been in business for 3 years, but are definitely still a startup- each day presents its own challenges for a young web application carving out a place in its industry!

MyStrategicPlan offers its services at a reasonable price point as indicated on their website. Navigating through the web pages, I found the features useful to new entrepreneurs as well as those who have an established web presence. It is surprising how the market has not capitalized on strategic planning tools, which essentially is the backbone of any business. If you have ever asked yourself three questions, “where is my organization now?”, “Where do I want to take it?” and “How will I get there?” then this tool will definitely prove to be a viable solution to your queries.

Click here to visit their blog and here for the homepage

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