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Scopings is an innovative online alternative to “job recruitment firms” that have traditionally matched companies with prospective employees and vice versa. Scopings allows professionals interested in prospective job opportunities the ability to apply unanimously  for jobs and likewise, for employers to screen top talent applicants prior to initiating the interview process. It is definitely a win-win situation for both parties.

I had a chance to speak to Gil Shabat, founder of Scopings, and this is what he had to say:

What motivated the launch of Scopings?

The idea of Scopings was born about 3 years ago after we needed to look for new career opportunities and found firsthand how painful the process is on both sides. Professionals find it harder and harder to find the positions they really want, and employers having major challenges in reaching out top-talent professionals.

What is the value to employers and prospective job applicants?

Applicants can explore positions anonymously – people can anonymously connect with hiring managers to find out the information they need in order to determine whether a position might be for them to pursue ever before applying. That is, to entice and encourage people to take the first step and apply.   An anonymous hiring process allows people to apply without revealing their identities and without a resume. Interview less, learn more – the initial interviewing process is done completely online so people don’t need to go to unnecessary interviews, and can remain anonymous, while employers can identify only the few best people they might want to hire. “Pay per hire” – employers only pay a small commission only upon finding the right person.

What is your business standpoint?

On the short term we are striving to become the main link between employers and every source they deal with for recruiting purposes, so we can avoid the chicken and the egg problem (i.e. need a lot of companies for the sake of candidates, and many candidates for the sake of companies), and on the longer term we want to become the tool of choice for professionals to find their next career opportunity, and for employers to be able to get access to many  professionals they wouldn’t be able to get access with any other mean . The product is designed in a way to allow us to partner with many other vendors, so we can keep adding new value and improving the hiring process for the benefit of everyone’s involved, and the pricing model allows us to share our revenues with the community that helps us succeed.

Who are your competitors?

Although on first impression it seems that our competitors are all the major job boards + other niche sites, we  see ourselves more as a recruiter powered up by technology, and feel that our main competitors actually reside in the offline world, and companies using us can ultimately substantially decrease the use they do with recruiting firms.

The whole job search process is usually initiated in response to several possible circumstances. Some of these circumstances could include: boredom, lack of job satisfaction or job growth, loss of a job due to a lay off or being fired. Scopings offers a transitional platform for professionals to move their career ahead while benefiting from a weekly paycheque. Its definitely a wiser and more strategic approach.

Click here for Scopings and employers can click here for more information.

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