One more Reason to Be Scared of Google

Earlier today, I wrote why another browser for the internet is a good thing for the people like you and I who spend most of our time browsing for information. However, as the day goes, as my brain tried to put together all of the bits and pieces; some didn’t fall into place – that’s when it clicked – someone who lives off of gathering information from millions of websites, what better tool would give them more information than a browser itself about user’s surfing habits?

Google has launched their Chrome Browser today. A browser with an elegant interface with much better user of memory space, etc.

There is a lot of fear out there about Google’s knowledge about you and I. With the addition of this browser, Google now has one more tool to gather information about you and others around you. This is information many of their competition will not have, which makes Google stronger. Is this good for you or not? If you were scared of Microsoft owning your operating system which you ran the previous browsers on; now think of Google’s Chrome browser as a platform where you will be pretty much running many web applications off of; hence you should get ready to be scared of providing more knowledge about you to Google! I am not in any way saying that Google will be spying on you, which I don’t know, but just saying that they have yet another tool to gather information if necessary.

Google definitely wants to lead the internet. As good as the browser is, this is really scarier as one business dominates majority of the internet’s tools businesses – this will lead to monopoly and what better would this be than yet another Microsoft?

Download Google’s Chrome browser, you won’t regret it. It is fast and it is good but keep in mind what I’ve said above about privacy etc if you are someone that worry about such things…

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