Yet another shot at Microsoft by Google

Today, Google will launch a Webkit-based opensource Google Browser named Chrome Browser. Google introduced their Chrome Browser through a Cartoon.

This should come with no surprise for many people, with today’s increased demand on web browsers and an ever increasing use of dynamic web applications, this sort of competition makes a lot more sense. At the end of the day, this is good for you and me – who spend a good chunk of our personal time on a browser. As time goes on, a browser is probably all you will need to run many of your applications – they can be mobile, independent and simple.

This is because today’s need for internet is much different than it was 15 years ago when internet was its infancy. Today almost all of the well known sites such as Facebook, allows developers to create their own applications – to give users what they want and how they want it.

Here is where I believe Google’s Chrome Browser can help. It can help your browser experience a much more enjoyable than ever before – no more crashing of all of the sites you’ve been browsing because of a single malfunction on one site.

Google developed their browser with multi-process engines that is built into separate tabs, which allows users to use each tab for different purposes. Each tab runs on its own memory space and does not depend on one another – hence when one crashes, the other does not!

Google also made tools available with the rumoured Google Gears – this will provide you with many tools that will also enhance your experience. Google also introduced their own Javascript engine – V8. Today we depend on Javascripts more than ever. I still remember trying to make a web page with Dreamweaver back in the days, and not being able to run it on a website because the browsers were not able to handle them – today it has totally changed; web page really can’t be successful without the use of dynamic contents.

Google will launch in 100 different countries today for Windows Operating Systems. Mac and Linux versions will folllow shortly.

You can get further details here:

Google Blog

Technical Details

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