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Recently we were contacted by Jeff Murnane from Omaha NE and asked me to review his site – Jeff had launched this site in 2007 along with his friend Cassius Almeida. They both have funded this venture out of their own pockets and hoping to make it a successful venture. is a sports picking community where members make score predictions on games instead of the traditional “pick-a-side” style used by most websites.  Scores are then aggregated to create a member based game prediction that is available for free.  This data can be filtered by historical accuracy with our “CrowdFilter” so members can see aggregate predictions from members that meet a certain criteria, such as members that are 60% versus the spread or better, or 70% accurate at picking a winner, etc.  This functionality is available by subscription along with daily reports on the best picks of the day which are based off of proprietary algorithms.

CrowdPicks has typical social networking functionality in profiles, blogs, comments, chat and messages, but everything centers around sports credibility.  By picking games members build their sports credibility and depending on how well they do, they get recognized more throughout the site with things like, exclusive invites to the weekly college football poll, trophies for their personal page and a more decorative avatar.

According to Jeff and Cassius, the most unique thing about CrowdPicks however is the revenue sharing functionality.  They ask their members to write blogs, invite friends and make accurate picks in exchange they share the revenue that the site generates.  Members can earn a bigger share by creating page views for their blog, inviting friends, getting their picks selected in the daily picks reports, etc.

Here is what Jeff had to say about why they started this site in the first place:
”We started this website for a few reasons, #1 my partner and I were tired of working in corporate America and we wanted to work for ourselves, and #2 we had this community picking idea for years and finally decided to act on it.  We plan on Marketing the site through social networking and mobile apps.  We are building useful and fun apps. that are free but branded and hope that once people experience CrowdPicks “lite” on their current social network they will give us a try for the full experience.  We also plan on marketing the subscription services to bookmaking and gaming websites.  We feel that our site is different because we are trying to monetize now and we are asking our members to have a hand in doing this while allowing them to experience the rewards that go with it.  The score predictions and aggregation tool are unique as well.”

We recommend you visit and support their ventures.

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