One Reason to Love and One Reason to Hate Google Chrome

I have been testing out Google’s latest addition, the Google Chrome Browser. Everything is good as the hype so far. It hasn’t crashed on me yet and it hasn’t slowed down on me. So I agree it is fast and reliable.

However, the one top reason why I love and would switch to Google Chrome Browser is because of the control you have over the browser through tabs. This new power allows you to drag and drop the tabs from within one browser to a separate one etc, this is a great way for me to organize my surfing habits. These tabs run in their own memory spaces with their own process, hence it is more reliable. The tabs feature is a built-in feature, hence no need to find plugins like other browsers do to keep tab configuration options intact everytime you startup the browser. Lot more to learn but this is a great start…

One reason I hate Google Chrome and I will be reluctant to keep it as the default browser for sometime is my worry around privacy. There has been ton of stories around the web on Google and Privacy issues and how much data they share with advertisers. Imagine now, Google pretty much have the control to follow you from the minute you launch the browser to when you close the last site. They can track all of your activity and sell advertisements accordingly. I was so concerned that I didn’t visit any site with Chrome that requires a user/pass for me to gain access. I know this is more than just privacy, more like security concerns, but hey it is new and it is in beta version. Given the history of Google, that beta is here to stay as beta, I am hoping that Google’s Chrome will evolve and be transparent to people so they can it.

Now I would like to hear about your experience on this. Have you kept it or have you removed it? or are you waiting for others to feel comfortable before you download it? Send me an email…

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