Boosting is a new web 2.0 startup aimed at helping aspiring authors take their first steps towards writing a book. The step-by-step process is entirely online and supports first time writers in building character profiles, structuring their chapters and building a storyline in a logical way.

The service offered is unique, there are no other online book writing tools that I am aware of. The first 30 days are free and then the site charges $10 per month. When your book is ready to leave FortyChapters, you can export it in a format suitable for sending straight to publishers.

Your full name and location

My name is Mark Anderson and the company is MMC Software, based in Dublin, Ireland. There are three people working for MMC, myself who is the developer, a designer and a sales/accounts girl.

What is the vision behind this site?

I wrote my first novel earlier this year, and my frustration at having my manuscript on my computer at home when I had ideas or thoughts while at work, and on holiday, gave me the original idea for a website that would help me write whenever and where ever suited. When I investigated the idea, I discovered there were no sites like it out there, so we began to build one ourselves.

Where do you want to go with this? Have you had any other successful websites in the past? Are you doing anything else at the moment?

Hopefully the site satisfies a niche market of people who are planning to write their first novel, and would like the freedom that comes with planning and starting it online. The company has largely focused on bespoke development in the past, so FortyChapters is our first foray into the web 2.0 sphere. We do have another in-house product in developement at the moment, an SEO related tool that will also be provided entirely online.

When did you launch it?

We launched FortyChapters only last week – Monday the 10th. So it’s still fairly new.

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