Goverment to Regulate Search Engines

I came across a blog posting on TechCrunch, written by an anonymous executive of a prominent website. The article is very interesting and it tells you why search engines continue to dominates the market and majority of the time is the gateway to many websites.

Obviously there is a lot to do on this front but this article and the author really stimulates our brain so we can all begin to wonder what the future of Search Engines – the gateway to our websites should look like. The author remains anonymous for obvious reasons – does not want any backlash by major search engines for his/her own website.

We all work so hard to make sure our websites are listed on search engines because as I said earlier, it is mainly the gateway for visitors to find our site. Search engines fight among themselves to hold on or grow their user base. With this there is tendency for growth in sketchy business practices – just like in the financing sector before the econmy tanged. At this point, this is a great topic for discussion and would love to hear what you all have to say.

Visit the article by clicking here.


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