Auto retweeting – long term pain for short term gain

Twitter is all about sharing links with your followers. Sharing quality information is key to your success but it takes time. Yes nothing is free in this world; if you want your business to succeed, you need to put in quality time.

However, I came across a service today that I thought of sharing with you.

yotwitsYoTwits is a service which allows you to auto retweet other people’s content – basically automate feeds to your twitter stream. Now if you are starting up a blog or starting up a business online, ask yourself this question – will you submit contents to your followers blindly? Do you just want to get contents out to people without verifying the accuracy of the content? Or would you at least read to see if you agree with the content before posting about it? Your followers are there because they want to hear from you – not because you are good at passing on other people’s information without adding any substance to it.

I am a big fan of bots to automate many things in my life but automating certain things you need to be careful with. Contents that aren’t vetted properly will be considered a spam by your followers. Sooner or later, your followers will figure it out that you are just passing on information. They will then learn to distrust you and may choose not to follow you. Therefore, for a short term gain of maybe new followers, you are going to soon realize that you will be loosing your fans.

Automated blogs aren’t successful; I am not sure how many people they get in a long term. Blogs that are successful always have their own unique contents. This makes no difference for Twitter and its contents. Automating Twitter posts will certainly turn Twitter into a meaningless spam machine.

Some things that YoTwits can consider adding to their features if it is not already there, is to make suggestions to you and then you can pick and choose which tweets you want to retweet or even write about it. This sort of automated tool will definitely save time for you.

The bigger question really with this service, is there a need for auto retweet? Is this going to kill the quality of content being shared at the microblogging community of Twitter?

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