What are you doing online today?

Yesterday I came across a blog posting by Darren Rowse who has pointed out to a research study called Ruder Finn’s Intent Index. This is an ongoing research study that is aimed to understand the reason why people go online – their intent of logging in to the internet.

I found it very interesting and wanted to share it with you because like me, many of you are always thinking about starting a new online business. As I do, always looking for an opportunity to jump in – like a hungry warrior. I am sure you will find this information very useful for your next venture so you can target your business toward a particular niche.

Here is a screen shot of the latest results.


I am sure most of you have heard that information and knowledge is money. This study points out that 96% of the time a person go online to educate them self, 89% go online to do research and another 79% go online to keep informed (newspapers watch out!). These three categories fall under the main category of “Learn”. They study was divided into 7 different categories – ranking from highest priority to lowest.

– Learn

– Have Fun

– Socialize

– Express Yourself

– Advocate

– Do Business

– Shop

As I mentioned above, the highest ranking criteria is “Learn”. Information is power when it comes to online and this is why many bloggers are successful today – they are able to fulfill the needs of many people.

Also you can see that “pass time” was the most responded criteria – that everyone who responded to the survey said they go online to pass time. Well if you can come up with a startup to help people pass time, then you will do just fine. Also keep in mind, passing time for many adults is to read new things!

I am sure you as you think of new ventures, you will find this research information useful. Targeting your business to the right audience is important for success. You need to know where to find them and how to get them to your site. This sort of research is really priceless because it provides you with information as to who your customers should be but you still need to do your own research as to where you can find them. So when starting an online business, know who your customers are  and know what sort of interest is out there for your product.

So what are you doing online today?

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Amy Helen August 1, 2009 at 11:52 am

This post was worth reading… I saw Problogger post in my feed reader but I ignored it but Now Here on you blog, You really opened my Eyes..
Amy Helen

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