You Need to Stop Trying to Make Money Online

make-money-onlineSorry I don’t have a product to sell you like many would with such title. I am just a blogger trying to tell you what I have learned over the past number of days – or observations as I am testing Twitter.

So it is true that you want to make money online, right? At least that is what you wish to do. So are you making money or are you still trying to make money? How long have you been trying?

Let me ask you this question – do you have an online presence? Do you have regular visitors and are you making sales?

I have been online since 1995 but I will not be able to count many days that I went online to make money and to rip someone off. In 1995, I was just a teenager and I focussed on building websites that will help local communities. I continued to do that and gained a lot of trust among established people to community members. I focussed on helping people, building a community and friends where we all have trust among us. This basically resulted in me making money online later down the road. I didn’t set out to make money when I started. Even now, I focus on building friendship first with my visitors and building an even stronger friendship with my existing friends/customers. Once I have a tangible community and friends, I am able to offer them a product if I want to make money. It is give and take.

Now, do you have an online community? Are you friends with more than just your real everyday family and friends? Will a stranger call you or send you an email asking you questions on a topic? Will you look to turn around an answer for free because you want to help them? Basically what I am getting at today is to ask you the real question, what value are you adding to the online society among others? Why should they come to you and why should they buy your product or a referral’s?

Social network have provided opportunities for many people to build a community around them. This is what many are doing today before they pitch you with a sale product. I have no quarrel with that. They at least gained your trust before they say “buy this product from me.”

What is the moral of this story? Since I have joined Twitter, I have been observing how people take advantage of Twitter. I found two models.

  • sell sell sell
  • build relationship

Which one is your model – either on Twitter or elsewhere?

I’ve observed many people trying to sell a product as the first point of contact. Now ask yourself this question, “why would you even click on a link to and not to mention to purchase a product from a stranger that you does not even know of?” Well I wouldn’t and many other people will not either. I am sure the success rate in selling with such tactics must be very low. Instead if these people focus on building a community around them first to earn the trust of the follower then offer the product, maybe this time around, they will actually make the sale or even get the user to the sales page.

The second model that I observed is to build a relationship first and then to pitch a sale. I think you will know by now where I stand on that. I think it is very important for you to build a relationship with your customer before you offer a product to them. You need to “stop trying to make money.” If you seriously want to make money then build a community around you. Put all of your efforts into building a community and establish yourself then the sales will be automatic. People will want to buy a product from you; they will want to ask you questions; they will want you to refer them to a product that you like and have used. This is how you make money – it will follow you…

A few days ago I’ve posted a blog posting on “every piece of marketing advice is a lie including mine”; well I think there is more to it and I will post follow up posts as I learn more. Traffic used to make people money and still does but I think if you build a foundation around you with good followers, you will stand to make even money when others are still trying to make money. Build a foundation for the long-term and stop trying to make a few bucks now.

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