Internet Startups – What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur

Social Networking WebsitesEveryday, thousands of individuals are taking part in some form of money making activities on the internet – these are our young entrepreneurs who are trying to take control of their life and potentially quit their job. However, many end up not achieving their dreams because simply they just don’t have the passion, the courage or the determination to succeed. As you all know, if you don’t make the commitment to make changes in your life, you will not succeed.

If you have the following three characteristics, you can be a successful entrepreneur.

Commitment and Determination

As I mentioned again and again in my previous postings, if you want to be successful in business, you need to make sure you are determined to succeed and that you are committed to doing that. You have to be willing to sacrifice pay and learn to work many hours before you begin to enjoy the endless benefits.


You need to be passionate about your business. You need to love it and embrace it like it is your child. Then only you can feel good putting in those late nights or the extra effort required to succeed.


You need to have the courage to fail; you need to have the courage to try again; you need to have the courage to test every imaginable thing to succeed for an online startup. Many successful entrepreneurs have failed before. However, they learn from their previous venture and do it better next time.

The above three characteristics pretty much define an entrepreneur who has the passion to succeed. If you are one of them then you don’t really have to burn through cash to make money on the internet. There are endless opportunities out there to make money – from affiliate marketing, to blogging, to article writing, to web design or to marketing. However, if you want to make millions, you will have to spend money upfront.

Today with Social Networking Websites, you can take advantage of how fast you can grow. If you believe you have missed out opportunities in the past, well this is the time to catch up. There are tons of Social Networking Websites that will allow you to leapfrog years of experience and grow your target market. If you have the above three strengths, then go for it. Keep an eye on my blog for daily tips to where you can look for opportunities.

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