New Twitter Homepage with Search On Main Page

Twitter has finally tweaked its web interface. Today Twitter rolled out its new design with their search feature being the center of attention. The new version looks very impressive with trending topics by the minute, hour and day listed right in the front.


Twitter has yet to make money out of this micro-blogging concept. It has recently talked about making the service user friendly to businesses and to the people who have not registered with Twitter. As a startup Twitter has been evolving with the community. i.e. adding the hashtags (#topic). Hastags were not part of the original twitter but when people started using #topic to point to one particular topic, Twitter implemented that function. A good example for future startups. The problem today is that many people don’t understand Twitter and its functions. It is really confusing when you login. You have to learn a few key things before you can use Twitter to its full potential.

Hopefully with this new redesign for the front page, Twitter can begin to make more sense for the business community and other average users.

I have not seen any changes to Twitter’s internal pages. It seems like they have only started off with the front page.

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