Internet Startups – Testing is Crucial to Maximize Your Revenue

So your site is getting a decent number of visitors everyday and you are making some income from advertising and or product sales. Is this the best you can do? Are you doing any testing to see if you can make more? Testing is everything and in the modern world testing and learning from your mistakes is important for survival.

make-moneyEven if your site is making money, you really don’t have much to lose by testing different ways to monetize your site. Let’s just say your site makes 1000 dollars a month with Google Adsense and that it has been steady for a while. You are thrilled to make one thousand dollars a month but have you ever stop and thought about how much you are losing every month. A small minor change in color, size or font of the ads can make a huge difference. If Google Adsense is providing you with a good income, have you ever thought of finding the vendors directly or joining an affiliate program to sell the same products that Google is redirecting your visitors to buy? Google is simply making money on your behalf because you haven’t tested different options.

I was in school when I sold my first website. As I told you before, I used to make websites and flip them for a quick income. I’ve learned a very important lesson in my early days. Here is the story. The site was a simple hangout site for teens – a site where teens were able to ask for advice on their problems. I had installed Google Adsense and the site was making around 250 dollars a month. I sold the site few months later for 5000 dollars on eBay. I was thrilled because that was about 20 months worth of revenue and I have only put in about 6 months of work. I was working on many other sites along with this. Few weeks later I got a payment of 500 dollars in my Paypal account from the same buyer. Well I was young and I was happy but I thought it was a mistake so I sent an email to the buyer seeking the reason for the payment. Guess what? He sent an email saying the following:

We love the site. It was more than you’ve promised so we want to send you a small token of appreciation. Relocated adsense and got some direct affiliate programs and we are now making over 500 dollars a month. Just a gesture. Hope to do business again.

There! Well did I regret not testing then? Did I regret not making 500 dollars a month? NO, not at all! I was just happy to receive another 500 dollars and was happy with yet another satisfied customer and a good sale. I was too young to understand or want anything more than just that but someone who knew what they were doing was able to take my site and turn it into a true money making machine just by testing. He achieved it without any new marketing. He could sell the same site for twice as much or more within short few weeks. We will get into flipping sites with the next few weeks. I have lots of information to share with you. Few weeks ago I’ve covered “all you need to know before buying a site.”  Don’t forget to read that before you go out and buy a site.

The point of this particular story is that there are always opportunities to improve and make more income with a web site than what you are making today. You can only find out if you take the risk of testing. I can say that you will make more money 95% of the time. If you don’t see any improvement, then go back to the old way but at least you gave it a shot.

Just take the above example for a moment. If the guy did nothing with his website after he purchased it from me, he would have simply lost 250 dollars every month. That is 3000 dollars a year. Just work out the scale if you are making like 25000 dollars a month from a blog site or something similar. You could be losing a lot of money by simply not testing.

A lot of people just simply build a site and then slap some Adsense on it and then do nothing but complain when they only make like $2 a month. They just simply expect the people to come to their site and click on the ad. Well if your ad is not placed properly or if the user does not find something relevant, they won’t click on it. Many people get lazy when they only make $2 a month and then eventually quits.

Quitting is what really is happening on the internet everyday. Majority of them quit. This is why only a few survive because they are open to new challenges. Try not to be one of the failures. Be different and be a real entrepreneur. Don’t forget to read my previous post on what makes a real entrepreneur. Try different ways to monetize your site. Test everything. Test them even if you are making good money. This is the real secret to every successful website.

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