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addatweetHave you seen sites like BBC and FOXNEWS? Are you tired of not able to post messages without logging in to any site? Have you tried to think of any solution to solve this problem? Did your mind give you any idea about solving this problem? The same questions gave a new idea to the mind of Shapiro, the CEO of Veoh. Shapiro turned his idea into reality by launching AddATweet is a new service to post tweets on websites that don’t allow you to leave a comment and or the sites that do allow you to leave a comment. Either way, you can tweet on those sites with

With a browser and a Twitter Account, you can now post comments to any webpage you like without logging in. You should connect your Twitter ID to AddATweet. The AddATweet Plugin creates a browser based sidebar for you to add, view and filter comments. To use this service, you just need to click the button in the top right hand corner and this click will open a sidebar where you can view existing comments and post new comments.

It is a very new and interesting idea that is expected to have more features in the future. Comments appear in threaded form. Using this service, you can view all comments, filter comments according to your requirements and view only those ranked comments that are ranked well by other Twitters. You can also rank a comment, reply any comment or mark any comment as spam. You can also reply directly to other Twitter users. To know more about this service you can also watch a demo in the main page of

After testing the demo, if you like the features then install the AddATweet plug-in and start using it.

AddATweet has some potential but the question really is how important are other’s feedback to you about a site? I value feedback from others on any product or services and I see myself testing this site further. Will you? I guess the answer to this question will probably dictate if this startup with this innovative idea will survive on the long-term.

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