ClickableNow Add Links To Your Twitter Profile Background Pages

clickablenowTo give clickable backgrounds to the Twitter users, Whitley Media and SHIFT communications has launched a new product at Using the services of ClickableNow, Twitter users can add active hyperlinks in their background image. Right now Twitter does not allow any hyperlink on your profile page other than a URL to your website. has developed this feature to resolve the problem of static backgrounds. With a single click, you can drag links onto your twitter background and your background can be viewed as clickable by the other Twitters.

This feature is quick and secure. This is a new idea and good service but not free. You have to pay for the service in two types. First of all, you have to pay $19.95 to access this service. This is one time fee and you can access the service forever. This is the direct fee that you need to pay to start using this service. Now the second type of indirect pay is in terms of requirements.

This service can be used only if you have installed Opera, IE, Google Chrome or Firefox. You must install these browser add-on (plug-in) to enjoy this service other you will not be able to use this service even if you have paid for the service. Your background image will appear clickable only to those users who fulfill browser requirements. So what most users may think about this service is that their profile will not appear clickable to all the Twitters even if they have paid for the service.

So if you feel that the price this site is charging to their members is reasonable then you can join this site. If the site offers free services for the first year, then this site is likely to get more members and popularity. This site can also invite user’s feedback and improve it accordingly then the traffic on this site will increase. This site should also try to work with other browsers and should not be limited to just a few.

It is not a surprise and most of you should already know that Twitter has yet to make a dime from their famous micro-blogging site. They are still developing on models to make revenue. How they are going to make revenue is a big question… However, services like this offers profile users to sell links on their site. However, from my perspective, why would someone install a plug-in to view advertisements? To this question – I don’t have a good answer. Will you install the plug-in from ClickableNow? So I think the service is good but like I said above, starting off with charging people is probably not the best way to grow in a social media environment. ClickableNow may want to reconsider their marketing tactics to expand.

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Shannon Whitley July 30, 2009 at 10:15 pm

Thank you for taking the time to write about ClickableNow. We’ve received a lot of feedback on our pricing and we’ve listened. The entire service is now completely free.

Over 1,000 people downloaded our browser script on the first day, and many hundreds of clickable backgrounds were created. Now that the service is free, we hope everyone will give it a try and see what a difference a dynamic background can make for a Twitter profile.

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