PingWire A Live Photo Streamer of Twitter Profile Photos

PingWire is a new startup that streams the most recent profile images of Twitter users. This tool captures the most recent image of a member and publishes it. To publish the images, this tool fetches the data from the continuously uploaded images on Twitter by its users with Twitgoo, yfrog and TwitPic.


This tool will display images in the form of thumbnails and clicking a thumbnail will display the full size image. You will see so many photos that it will not be easier for you to pick one as your favorite and if you like any picture on Twitpic then a click of mouse will open its source page. In the source page, you can see all the view counts and read all the comments.

You should note a few lack of functions before using PingWire. You cannot stop the stream and so your mouse movement should be faster if you desire to see more information by clicking on any thumbnail. There is no filter to separate the adult content from other useful content so it may be possible that you see those pop ups that you don’t want to see otherwise so you should be careful whom you watch the live feed with! Users are only warned if they are posting adult content but not restricted from posting it.

This site could be made better if it could filter the content according to the requirement of the user. For example, if a user doesn’t want to see any pornographic content or nude photo then he or she should be allowed to set their choice and the tool should then filter the content for the user according to his or her set criteria. Users should also be able to pause the stream if they want to.

I am not sure what the real practical use of this startup is but as always I encourage the founder to look for opportunities improve the service based on inputs from the users. Make this tool useful by maybe allowing others to integrate the live feed into their blog or websites. I am sure if one thinks hard enough, they can find a practical usage for such service.

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John877 August 2, 2009 at 6:36 pm

Very nice site!

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