Sell Your Tweets and Get Paid Per Tweet with Sponsored Tweets

sponsored_tweetsThis new startup,,  is an online advertising platform meant to connect Twitter community directly with Advertisers. Yes a way for Twitters to make money! Twitters can basically earn money for spreading the words. It is a service that pays Twitters per tweet. The payment for these tweets is made by the Advertisers. Advertisers can create sponsored campaigns and the network of Twitters is allowed to participate in these campaigns. Twitters can simply earn money from these sponsored campaigns by spreading words about these campaigns. It works well for both Advertisers and Twitters.

There are many similar advertising networks out there, so the concept isn’t new but the site brings a new twist to the world of Twitter – a micro-blogging platform that has gained traction among the social networking sites.

To start working in this platform, Advertisers needs to have a Twitter account. If they don’t have a Twitter account then they can register on Twitter website and if they already have a Twitter account then they can enter their Twitter username and password to register to Sponsored Tweets. Twitter’s O-Auth process is used by Sponsored Tweets to establish the connection between Twitter and Sponsored Tweets.


After the Advertisers are registered with Sponsored Tweets, they can create sponsored campaigns and invite Twitters to join their campaigns. After the advertisers have a number of Twitters in their campaigns, they can select and approve selected Twitters to take part in their campaigns. Advertisers have the facility to approve the tweets of the Twitters. Advertisers can monitor the specific results of each Tweet. Advertisers can also select celebrities but they should remember that the pay rate of celebrities is high because of the large number of followers they have. Any Twitter with a large number of followers will charge high price to Tweet about another product or services.

Twitter users who wish to participate and sell Tweets will also need a Twitter account to register and participate in Advertisers campaigns. This is obvious because you can’t Tweet if you got no Twitter account. After the user is registered, he/she can fix their pay rate, content rating, add a category, specify ad unit preferences, create notification settings and add keywords. They can accept or reject any offer and if they accept any offer then money will be deposited in their account within 24 hours. Twitters can withdraw their payment once their balance reaches $50.

When Twitters are selected by an Advertiser, they can post Tweets on behalf of the Advertisers according to the instructions of the Advertiser. Twitters get paid per tweet. For accepting the payment, Sponsored Tweets accept any of the major credit cards. If you are willing to pay via check, wire or paypal then you must dial their phone number.

I could see this service gain some traction as Twitter grows. However, it begs the question about the real purpose of Twitter and how people share information right now. Just like Spammers, an Advertiser can also destroy a network if it is not targeted properly. Not all of your followers want to hear about new product or services all the time. Especially when they know you are making money off of it every time they click on your links. Hence there is a chance that you may lose some of your followers if you participate and sell your Tweets. Either way it is good to keep an eye on this  startup.

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Wordpress Kid September 25, 2009 at 9:35 am

I never liked the idea of making money from tweets, but Sponsored tweet is one of few programs which I actually liked…
Probably control over ad tweets is something which I always wanted..and since its been recommended by some big players..I don’t mind trying it out…

tweet adder March 8, 2010 at 6:59 am

The main purpose of Twitter is to receive and deliver short bursts of content from other Twitter users. Many use it strictly to interact socially, but Twitter is also becoming a great tool for internet marketing. 

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