One Reason Why Facebook Bought FriendFeed

friendfeed_facebookThere has to be only one reason that convinced Facebook to buy the real time aggregator Friendfeed. FriendFeed is really a startup that makes it easy to share with friends. The one reason is that they understood the need for success in today’s information age – that is to provide people with real time information.

Twitter a microblogging platform is leading the way with 140 characters at a time and they are successful at attracting the mainstream to use it. Facebook being the largest social networking site now is moving into social media to keep up with the demand. We should expect to see changes at Facebook shortly with this purchase.

At the end of he day, this is very good news for people like you and me. There are going to be numerous opportunities for new startups in the real time information market. Startups to bridge the gap between competitors or startups to make it convenient for people to use multiple sites.

Within the last few weeks Twitter has updated the look and feel of their website with a more user friendly front page for people to search realtime information. Clearly they are moving towards satisfying the needs of today’s needs for information exchange.

Bing has recently announced that they will be providing relevant realtime information from Twitter so people can search for realtime information. They limited the information being pulled from only a selected individuals but this is expected to expand to all users.

All of this news show that everyone is moving to serve real time fresh information to people.

Keep an eye out for opportunities and don’t forgetto drop by my blog for ideas.

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