Timelimes.com: Aggregating News and Events from Social Networking Sites

timelimesTimelimes.com, an aggregator for news and events, launched its public beta today. You are inundated with content from all over the internet. Aggregators are very useful to pull together information from various sites into one place. It seems like Timelimes.com will aggregate not only news but also events from your Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Flickr and Digg accounts. They are also working on feeds for eBay, LinkedIn, Yahoo Mail, live sports scores and YouTube.

Today I was contacted by Cameron Price-Austin, who has kindly asked me to review his website on this blog. Cameron is from Adelaide, South Australia. He as all entrepreneurs would be, was nervous to launch this new site. He was nervous because he wanted to make sure his “baby” is successful and it works well for new users. Cameron explains in his blog the few ordeals he had to deal with when he launched his new startup.

He is already working on adding new features to his site. He would like his users be able to update Twitter or Facebook status directly from Timelimes.com.

This website seems to have some potential since it captures the broad market. The site design is nice and when I’ve tested it, the site was functioning properly.

I had a chance to ask Cameron a few questions. See below for his comments.

What is your vision?

“Timelimes wants to be your home page. It’s about bringing all your information to you so you don’t need to open a dozen browser windows when you sit down at your computer. Eventually, Timelimes will bring you news, live sports scores, stock market quotes and RSS.”

What is your business model?

“We will soon begin offering some feeds as a paid subscription service. These will be for information like live sports scores and stock market quotes. We would also like to explore acting as a content delivery network for existing paid subscription services, such as the Wall Street Journal. The core feeds (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail etc) will all remain free.”

Why did you start this website?

“I had a need which remained unmet. I would sit down at my computer and launch twelve browser tabs for things like Gmail, Google Analytics, Facebook, news etc. I began wondering just how much time I spent actively checking these pages and also how much of their content I wasn’t interested in. For example, my Facebook news feed contains an awful lot of information, but most of it is friend’s taking ‘What’s your stripper name?’ quizzes. I wanted a news feed which brought all those sites together, but which could be customized to only show information I cared about.”

How are you planning to market it?

“I’m submitting the site to various start-up review sites and blogs. I’ve implemented a simple ‘Invite’ feature which allows users to send an invitation e-mail to a friend, however I hope to expand this soon to allow users to invite Facebook friends and Gmail contacts. Once the broadcast feature is live, I hope to append ‘sent from Timelimes’ (with the word Timelimes as a link) to status updates and tweets.”

Why is your site different than your competitors?

“The scope of Timelimes is much broader than other aggregation sites such as FriendFeed. We incorporate feeds from other web services such as Digg and Flickr and eventually eBay, LinkedIn, YouTube, RSS etc. It also has a unique business model – we will offer paid subscription services for some information feeds, rather than relying on advertising.”

The domain name, Timelimes.com, has good potentials. It reminds me of “Time Lines”, which is pretty much the road map for all of the social networking sites.

I wish Cameron and his new startup all the best. Please visit his site and provide feedback here in the comment sections.

Visit his site Timelimes.com.

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John Chatman August 29, 2009 at 6:24 pm

This was a very informative post and review my friend. I really appreciate you staying on top of emerging trends. It is so much easier to bring pertinent content to my friends & associates on various social media sites when I only have to check a couple of spots.

Thanks for the service that you provide and I look forward to so much more value being delivered through your blog.

To Our Success,

.-= John Chatman´s last blog ..Enhancing Your Social Media Profile With a Gravatar! =-.

Guna August 30, 2009 at 11:50 am


Thank you for your kind comment John. I am glad you’e joined my at Twitter and also here on Google Connect.

My intension here is to provide startups with an opportunity to tell their story to others. In other words, just providing them with an opportunity to get their message out. Not everyone get a chance to do that. As you know, entrepreneurs are usually passionate about something. They spend so much time creating a new service or product. Then they struggle to market it. They struggle to get their first customer. Hopefully, here on StartupBooster, with friends like you, we can help them get their message out.

Look forward to interacting with you as well John. All the best.


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