How to Make More Money: Making Money with Your Website – Part 1

All of you must wonder at times how you can make more money with your website. It is possible and I am going to show you how you can make more money. I am going to guarantee you that by the time you finish reading this seven part series, your website will be making more money than what it is making today.

This is the first of a seven part series to show you how you can make more money with your website without actually making substantial changes to your website. In other words, I am going to show you how you can make money with what you already got.

Yes believe it or not, if you are not already doing what I am about to tell you, you are really missing out on some incremental revenue from your website. It is easy but you must follow the steps.

How to Make More Money: Part 1 – Find Rich Pages within Your Website

There are multiple ways to make money with a visitor once you capture their attention. You can sell them a product or a service, you can refer them to an affiliate, you can show ads for them to click through, you can refer them to another page within your site, you can capture their email address, etc.

In order for you to capture their attention, you must provide them with what they are looking for. A user may end up on your site through a search engine or referred by another relevant site. It is hard to predict where people are going to come from for your new content but in this series I am going to show you how you can make more money with existing content. This really is the established content.

The content you already have on your website is a treasure that many webmasters fail to understand. The content you already have, especially good relevant content, will have been indexed by search engines and linked by many other websites. This means these pages will receive regular visitors from various web pages including search engines. Therefore, you can actually predict the amount of traffic and the kind of users you would see on these pages. This is why I said earlier that these pages are a treasure that many fail to embrace.

On your website, you need to be able to identify pages that are receiving regular page views. Not all of your content will receive the same amount of page views. Few days ago, I’ve discussed about how to get to know your visitors. I suggest you take a look at that article as well.

Using Traffic Analytical tools like Google Analytics, you can identify and track activities on your website. I use Google Analytics to track my website activities. It is free and it provides me with everything I need for now. You should be able to tell which pages within your website are getting the most attention and why it is getting the most attention. You should be able to track the keywords that are driving the visitors to certain pages.

Like I said, I use Google Analytics so I am going to be referring to terms that are used in Google Analytics but it should be the same for other ones as well. So please bear with me and I apologize if a specific terminology is not the same in the analytical tool you may be using.


Once you are in your analytical dashboard, you would usually see a section called “Content.” When you click on that link, you should be able to see another link for “top content” within your website. Don’t look at daily report or weekly report when you do this. Try to look at a monthly report so you can really tell which page is getting the most page views – the top content.


As you can see from the above image, this is my top 10 content pages. They are ranked from one to ten. You can look at this in many different forms but I usually look at them in the URL form so it is easy for me to tell which URL is doing well so I can quickly go to that page if I have to.

For many of you, the # 1 top content page may be the main page of your website. It is the case for me as well. I think you should ignore that for now and look for other top content pages within your website. Look for pages with high page views. These are usually pages that are sticky and users tend to share them with their peers. These pages are the “rich pages” that we are looking for. Some call them the “money page.” However you call it, these pages can generate you more money than any other page on your website including your homepage in many cases. These pages are recognized by other websites and search engines. They are going to be referring visitors to your site on a regular basis. It is up to you, how you want to monetize these pages.

So make a list of up to 5 pages that you believe are the “rich pages” so you can use them in part two of this series. You can choose more if you like but it is important that you only choose a few that you can actually manage to improve to make more money.

Congratulations, you have now identified one of the hidden treasures of making money online. Look forward to part two this week to learn how you can make more money with the pages you have just identified.

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SeoNext August 31, 2009 at 11:29 pm

Really a very nice post,thanks for sharing such an information with us.Google Analytics is the very good tool for getting traffic on your site.Really a nice post.Thanks

Jason September 1, 2009 at 7:45 pm

Thanks Guna for sharing this with us. I look forward to your part 2 to 7. I am sure it will be interesting as well. Jason.

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