How to Make More Money: Making Money With Your Website Part 3

This is part three of a seven part series to show you how you can make more money with your website without actually making substantial changes to your website.

Please don’t forget to read the previous chapters:

Part 1: How to Make More Money: Find Rich Pages within Your Website

Part 2: How to Make More Money: Understanding the Visitors Coming to Your Rich Pages

google_analytics_part22So by now you would have figured out which pages are receiving most of the visitors and why the visitors are coming to a specific page. This is the crucial piece of information most webmasters forget to understand. Therefore, they fail to maximize the potential for their website. You can only serve your customer well by knowing what they are looking for.

How to Make More Money: Improving the Content on the Rich Pages

You shouldn’t take it for granted when one or more of your pages are getting visitors on a regular basis. Now that you know what the visitors are looking for and why they are ending up on your page, you need to do your best to update your content to keep it current.

Over the years, I’ve been to many pages that were last updated 3 to 5 years ago. They do well in search engines but once you get to the page, you will immediately realize that the content is old. The content will be out of date or not relevant for your need. An example would be, a product review or a “how to” article that was written few years ago. At that time, the article could have served it purpose, so it received back links and recognition from other bloggers and content writers. Therefore, the search engines ranked those pages high. However, the same “how to” article or the product review article may be out of date today because the same product itself could be out of date. The product could have multiple versions and the version that was reviewed on the page could be for an older version.

The reason I want to elaborate more on this point is that if you have content that is doing well, you need to pay more attention to that content. You need to make sure that content is updated regularly so that when users come to that page, it is up to date and that it forces the user to read the entire content. It should convince the user to take actions that will benefit you in a way to help your bottom line (your income).

So how do you go about updating your content?

Research and find out if your content is still valid today. If you content is a “review” of a product or a strategy on “how to” do something, make sure you are talking about the latest technology or the latest product. You wouldn’t want to talk about Friendster or MySpace when everyone else is talking about Twitter and Facebook to improve your social networking. Make addendums to your posting with new content.

If your content is updated regularly for that “rich page”, you would also continue to improve the search engine ranking for that “rich page” because search engines tend to love fresh content. So there is no harm in updating your content regularly.

If your content is not updated regularly, you will lose that customer within the first few seconds. Once that visitor is gone, he/she will probably never return to your page again. So spend time reviewing your site regularly and pay attention to the “rich pages.”

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Dylan Lancaster December 6, 2009 at 9:50 am

I am really impressed with the broad message of your blog. You evidently know what you are speaking about as you write with passion. If I had your writing ability, I know I could be successful. I look forward to more updates and will be back.

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