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needcubeHave you ever had the desire to just tell someone what you need and when you need it and then expect them to fulfill all your needs rather than you do it each time? Well I believe NeedCube, a new website, has a solution to your desire.

NeedCube allows you to create a profile/identify for yourself in which you can define your needs, desires and wishes. NeedCube will then bring you what you need and when you need it. According to Gergely Nagy, the founder of this website, this website revolutionizes the way you seek information on the web.

It does sound like a buy and sell website that allows you to post for items that you are in need of and someone who has that item will contact you to sell it. However, according to Gergely, this is a different concept. It really acts as a reverse matching concept of the traditional searching for a product or a service. 

We had a chance to interview Gergely earlier with a few basic questions. I believe his answers to these questions will provide you with a bit more information about the new venture.

What is your vision? (what are you offering to your visitors?)
NeedCube is a unified field for people’s needs. We offer free need submission and search among existing needs. The vision is to have a central place for all the need of people no matter what the category is. At NeedCube you don’t have to struggle with categories.

What is your business plan or model?

At the moment everything is free. Later on we can introduce premium services for premium needs.

Why did you start this website?

Because none exists at the moment. We wanted to build a unique place for people’s needs. NeedCube is centered around the demand side not the supply.
It is not a classifieds site, it is about needs. If you are a seller you can come to NeedCube and search with keywords for the stuff you have to offer and see if anyone needs it or not.

The main slogan is: find people who need your stuff or register your own!

According to Gergely, there are no other similar website. I haven’t come across any at the moment but if Gergely can really serve the need of the people, then the website will be successful.

Gergely has also created some youtube videos on the basic functions and how to effectively use them.

Visit for more information.

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